• Olivier S.E. Courtois

5 Rules For Effective Virtual Team Meetings

Updated: Aug 11

Virtual team meetings have become the new norm. Here are five tips to optimize them.

1/ Engage. An effective team meeting is a combination of tasks, information, and emotions. In physical meetings, you can emotionally connect with your colleagues, check how they are doing, share emotions. Not in virtual meetings. So make sure you check-in, asking how everyone feels, and you check out to see how everyone feels about the meeting. Allowing emotions in meetings has proved to be an effective energizer in what can otherwise become a real drag.

2/ Hold regular meetings. The #1 killer of (virtual) meetings is unpreparedness. Ad hoc, crisis meetings are not conducive to preparation. Regular meetings, if properly set up, are. They leave time to tackle important, but non-urgent issues. 

3/ Avoid hybrid meetings with people in the room and others remotely. It is ineffective and tiring for remote attendees to attend a physical meeting remotely. Either it's all remotely with a webcam or without a webcam or all in the same room.

4/ Maximum nine. If your team is bigger, work on your organizational structure. 

5/ Agree on ground rules prior to start. That's true with all meetings and particularly important with #virtualmeetings #leadership


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