Ne retourne pas au bureau!

👉 Bon, j'admets que mon message est à nuancer. Mais mon propos est de suggérer une question clé : êtes-vous toujours une organisation hiérarchique, même déguisée, ou avez-vous basculé vers le modèle d'une entreprise en réseau, guidée par la finalité (purpose), les processus et l'autonomie ? 👉 Dans le premier cas, la proximité physique avec le supérieur hiérarchique est un élément structurant indispensable. Malheureusement, ce modèle devient obsolète et ne convient plus ni a

Don't Go Back To The Office!

👉 Well, I admit that my message must be nuanced. But my point is to suggest a key question: are you still a hierarchical organization, even in disguise, or have you switched to the model of a networked company, guided by purpose, process and autonomy? 👉 In the first case, the physical proximity with the hierarchical superior is an indispensable structuring element. Unfortunately, this model is becoming obsolete and no longer suits the new generations and the technological a

Against all odds, I survived my NDE! (lessons learned)

In my last post, I promised to come back to you soon. Eight weeks after my operation, I have almost completely recovered physically, and I am working on my business again. Of course, you do not come out of such a life-changing experience unscathed - I call it my "near-death experience". Because it mows you down without warning. In an instant, you lose all control over your life. It forces you to wait without knowing what is happening. Then it confronts you with the brutal new