The Paradox of Resilience: Going Slow and Fast!

What has become clearer to you in one year? Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to listen to many leaders, managers and employees. What they say, on a positive note: we lose less time in transportation, we have had to optimize our work organization, we are more autonomous, more productive, we have more time for children, etc. On the negative side: we are losing the emotional link with our brand, I feel alone, isolated, it's not easy for newcomers, we can't do

NDE – Lesson Five/Last Lesson - Your Biggest Enemy!

Back home, a new life began. I wanted to walk, run, move, act, lie, sleep as before. But my body would call me to order. 'It will take you several weeks or even months to recover fully!'. This is a metaphor of life in a way. Life requires patience. Patience is a virtue. It is one of the foundations of some religions. But let’s not confuse patience with passivity. Waiting for a situation to improve without doing anything about it is not patience, it is passivity. Patience impl