I Felt Lonely This Morning!

👉 This morning I was moved by a strange feeling. A bit like a schoolboy preparing for his first day of school. Nothing special, really, just that I went to office. 👉 It's already three months since I joined the Mercuri Urval group. I've had time to get to know the unique culture, to immerse myself in our various solutions, to work with clients and colleagues around the world. Without setting foot in the office! 👉 Today, as I entered the office space, I strongly felt the la

Je me suis senti seul ce matin!

👉 Ce matin, un sentiment étrange m'a envahi. Un peu comme un écolier qui se prépare pour son premier jour d'école. Rien de spécial, vraiment, juste que je suis allé au bureau. 👉 Cela fait déjà trois mois que j'ai rejoint le groupe Mercuri Urval. J'ai eu le temps d'apprendre à connaître cette culture unique, de m'immerger dans nos différentes solutions, de travailler avec des clients et des collègues du monde entier. Sans mettre les pieds au bureau! 👉 Aujourd'hui, en entran

Leading Virtual Teams Requires More Self-Discipline!

The Corona crisis has accelerated the trend toward online collaboration. Organizations are questioning the use of office space. They reflect on new ways to better blend in situ and remote work. One comment I have heard a few times is that remote work turns out to be more difficult with younger people. Is this something you have experienced? For me, these comments suggest that we may not fully apprehend the implications of remote ‘management’. As we all know, management is a s