'Check' ✅, je suis certifié!

👉 J'ai consacré ma carrière de plus de 35 ans à la "traduction". Interprète de conférence de formation - traduisant des idées d'une langue à l'autre -, j'ai passé la majeure partie de mon parcours professionnel à développer des affaires et des personnes, à aider les gens, mes clients à résoudre ou anticiper des problèmes. Traduire leur situation dans une nouvelle langue, laissant place à une nouvelle pensée, de nouveaux sentiments, de nouvelles actions, de meilleurs résultat

Check ✅, I Am Certified!

👉 I have dedicated my career of 35+ years to 'translation'. A conference interpreter by education - translating ideas from one language to the other -, I have spent most of my professional time developing business and developing people, helping people, my clients solving or anticipating problems. Translating their situation into a new language, giving way to new thinking, new feelings, new actions, better results. 👉 To do so, I have used several approaches or postures: neg

A New Life Begins For Me!

👉 The year 2020 has been a completely unusual year for many of us. It was definitely a year of transformation for me. 👉 Transformation in pain, with the death of my father, the Corona, fortunately in a light version, an aortic dissection which I miraculously survived, and people around me affected by illness or crisis and sometimes struck by death. 👉 Transformation in joy & hope too: very rich reflections, numerous exchanges, exciting projects to transform companies and le