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Olivier S.E. Courtois 

Your Senior Leadership Advisor 

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Challenge yourself, reach new peaks! 

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Olivier Courtois is an executive advisor with more than 35 years of experience in leadership development on 5 continents. He is the former Director of Korn Ferry Belgium and has gathered vast experience with companies such as the Center of Creative Leadership, Levi Strauss, Krauthammer, the American Management Association and many

more. He has led workshops with thousands of executives across the globe from Fortune 500 boards as well as SMEs. Olivier is certified in various

formats and programs.

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Three reasons to work with Olivier and his associates

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Combining expertise with agile networking

Olivier offers leadership development services at both the " savoir être " (being) and " savoir faire " (doing) levels. He analyzes the customer's problem from a systemic point of view, designs customized solutions, then implements the program through individual or group dynamics. He works in association with trusted peers, or in partnership with global players for projects of greater size or complexity.

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Olivier has excellent experience in the fields of talent management, strategy execution, executive and leadership development, executive assessment and organizational culture.

"I had the opportunity to work with Olivier during my carreer and he's a true inspirational leader who inspires, coaches, motivates people whatever their background , culture , profile or industry . He has this unique capability to bring people together in a very genuine way. His empathy to understand the business from a 360 degree approach is an added value for any company or/people . I enjoyed working with Olivier and would do it again. If your company is looking to raise the bar , he is the one who can help and bring significant and rational results!"

Bernard Didier - CCO 

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If you're a hammer, all problems look like nails!

In over 35 years of experience, Olivier has developed a multidimensional and creative approach to his customers' needs. If you're a hammer, all problems look like nails! Not so with Olivier. He's versatile and pragmatic. He keeps a systemic vision of the situation and uses what's right for the situation and produces the best results. No dogma, no preconceived ideas. 

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The world is full of talent! 

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I was coached by Olivier. The whole journey was a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what has made my success so far, but also on my potential derailers. Olivier has been able to inspire me or challenge me when needed to help me become a better version of myself. He was able to understand and decode our organisational culture, my own business principles and my personal values guided by my religion."

Mohammed Al Bulooki - COO - Abu Dhabi 

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