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About Olivier

Olivier S.E. Courtois

Olivier is an executive advisor, consultant, speaker and coach with more than 35 years of corporate and consulting experience.  He is the former Director of Korn Ferry Advisory Belgium/Luxembourg and has extensive experience with global organizations. 

He has led projects & workshops with thousands of executives and leaders across the globe from Fortune500 companies to top startups and scaleups, in the public and private sectors.

He is certified in various formats and programs. As a Senior Practitioner in Coaching (EMCC Accreditation) and with a vast experience in top team effectiveness and in leadership development, he is uniquely positioned to support leaders who aspire to elevate their game. 

He is culturally sensitive, has worked on five continents. He is known for his insights, pragmatism, energy, and authenticity. 

Certifications & Accreditations 

Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach - DISC - MBTI I & II - CCL Assessments, CCL Change Style Indicator - FIRO-B - The Big 5 - Korn Ferry Leadership Architect - 360° Voices - Korn Ferry Assessment Leadership Potential - Hogan - GPI - ViaEdge (learning agility) - Hay McBer Leaderships Styles - Korn Ferry Executive to Leader Institute (ELI) - Korn Ferry CEO Succession Practice - TalentTelligent Competency Framework  (Eichinger & Pearsman) - Franklin Covey 7 Habits - Franklin Covey 4 Disciplines of Execution

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Speaking - Coaching - Consulting 

What Got You Here Won't (Necessarily) Get You There! 

In our VUCA world, in the age of AI, the Metaverse, environmental and demographic transformations, with the emergence of Generation Z and Alpha, to succeed in any business, you need money, technology and people.

Money is plentiful, technology is available everywhere, but talent is scarce and leaders even more so. 

For more than three decades, I have relentlessly observed, analyzed and experienced the best and worst of leadership.

Drawing on my corporate and consulting experience, I help leaders raise their game, collectively and individually. 

I help them step back, update their beliefs and practices, and reset them to face new challenges. 

Together, with a network of like-minded peers, we consult, inspire and coach a wide range of clients on 5 continents, face-to-face or online. 

Olivier SE Courtois

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Olivier speaks at public and corporate events, live or virtually, on leadership and executive topics such as creating a more agile organization, building resilience, unleashing creativity and innovation, fostering a culture of trust and psychological safety, resolving team dysfunctions, the power of emotional intelligence, fostering a culture of feedback and the courage to have critical conversations, transforming into a transition agent. 

Olivier shares his favorite themes and passions. However, he also customizes his presentations to fit his audience, the organization's priorities or culture.

He speaks in French and English!


Olivier has nearly 30 years of experience as a leadership trainer in public and private organizations, in all sectors, on 5 continents.

He has worked extensively with high potentials and their leaders and for the last ten years with C-levels.

This gives him a holistic vision of organizations. He regularly obtains the highest satisfaction ratings thanks to a unique combination of corporate and consulting experience, charismatic presence, state-of-the-art facilitation techniques and a constantly updated knowledge of the most current leadership and business themes.  

He is regularly invited to collaborate with training organizations such as CCL, MCE/AMA, Franklin Covey, EY or Korn Ferry.

Executive & Top Team Coaching

Olivier uses different approaches or postures including coaching and mentoring depending on the need.

For over 30 years, he has been an entrepreneur, leader, negotiator, facilitator, consultant, evaluator, speaker, writer and coach.

He considers that each experience enriches the others. He sees his role as inspiring, supporting and challenging.

He takes a holistic approach to personal, interpersonal and organizational issues. 

In team coaching, Olivier establishes a diagnosis of the 7 key success factors of a team and guides it through a progress path.

He works in partnership with peers to address the team's needs from complementary angles (strategy, innovation, leadership).


Olivier has extensive experience as a management consultant to international companies as well as startups and scaleups.

His areas of expertise include:

- organizational culture,

- strategy execution,

- leadership development in line with purpose, vision, mission and business strategies,

- competency strategy and competency models,

- talent acquisition and development.

Olivier is certified with the Korn Ferry and TalentTelligent leadership models.

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Examples of Industries and Customers

Types of leaders/industries

Consulted, facilitated and coached at all levels of organizations, from high potentials to C-suite, in different industry sectors like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities, Finance/Banking/Insurance, Professional Services, Tech Industry, Industrial Sector) in NA, LA, EMEA and APAC. 

Examples of client engagements worldwide

Alpega, Abbvie KSA, Allianz Partners, Amgen, Bayer, Candriam (New York Life), Centre de traduction des organes de l'Union européenne (CdT), CRIF Deutschland, Edmond de Rothschild, Ergon Partners, Etihad Airways, Executive Insights Healthcare Consultants, EU Commission, Henkel, iTeos Therapeutics, GEB Generali, Harman, Iveco, JamJoom, Ma'aden, Mc Bride, Quintet Private Banking, Perrigo, Rhea, Rockwool, RTBF, Sartorius, Sales & Lentz, Schneider Electric, Société Générale, Satorp (Saudi Aramco/Total Energies), Syngenta, Thalès, Veolia.

Olivier collaborates with:

EMCC Global, Ernst & Young, Franklin Covey, Management Centre Europe (AMA), CCL, Mercuri Urval, People Smart, Summit Leadership, TalentTelligent, The Personal Business Plan, The Resilience Institute, TPCLeadership. 

See 500+ endorsements or more recommendations on Olivier's LinkedIn profile (click here)

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"I spent roughly 1 year being coached by Olivier in order to improve my management skills following a 360-feedback evaluation. I would confirm that the meetings with Olivier proved to be most useful in developing my listening and management skills. Certainly, my ability to tailor my management approach to fit both the individual profile and to fit the point at which the individual resides in their own career progression certainly has helped. "

Research and Innovation director for a global business unit working for a chemical company

" In the context of the growth of our group, I had the opportunity to be coached by Olivier over a 12-month period. Olivier also facilitated work sessions with my management team around our organizational model.  In that context, he provided 360 feedback to all of us.  I particularly appreciated Olivier’s insights and his capacity to help me bring things into perspective and see them from a different angle.  He created a safe environment for me to open up and to develop my self-awareness. He also managed to have me translate my reflections into action steps and keep me accountable for them. I would definitely recommend Olivier as a coach for his experience, insights and the trust environment he creates."

Managing Partner of a Private Equity firm

“Whilst transitioning from the role of COO of Retail to the Group CEO role I had the opportunity to be coached by Olivier over a 12-month period. What I really appreciated with Olivier is his understanding of the challenges I faced in making this transition, working with me to appreciate and explore how to best understand and build a plan for a successful transition. I would definitely recommend Olivier; he is an experienced and seasoned professional who is passionate about helping people reach their potential.”

Group CEO of a major UK retail chain

“I was coached by Olivier to consolidate my position as COO and prepare for potential new career steps. We worked closely with the CEO and the CHROD and other key stakeholders. The whole journey was a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what has made my success so far, but also on my potential derailers. Olivier has been able to inspire me or challenge me when needed to help me become a better version of myself. He was able to understand and decode our organizational culture, my own business principles and my personal values guided by my religion. It was a particularly useful exercise especially in the transformation context that our company is going through”

COO of major national airline in the Middle East

"I benefited from accelerated coaching as part of a program offered by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce to entrepreneurs. The program included coaching offered by EMCC volunteers. I can say that it helped me a lot to clarify my beliefs and to work on my high values.  Olivier is an expert who knows how to put himself in your shoes! I was very impressed by how quickly he was able to figure me out!  The questions asked during the coaching are confronting and make me grow! Olivier is caring, is an active listener and knows how to move you forward. In short, he is a coach like I have rarely met: powerful and humble. I would recommend Olivier without hesitation to anyone who needs a co-pilot to get to your destination ".

Social Entrepreneur

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