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Developing Independence!

February 2022

Etihad are delighted to be welcoming the inspirational Olivier S.E. Courtois to our 87th WCWW event next week!

Thanks for being our hero Olivier ❤️ #etihadhero #beinspired #ownit #bebrilliant


Best Wishes for 2022! 

January 2022


Mes vœux pour 2022!

Janvier 2022


Top Team & Leadership


Solid, Concrete Business & Leadership Experience and  Relevant Accreditations
to Support Top Teams and Leaders

Hello, welcome!

My name is Olivier S.E. Courtois. I have dedicated 35+ years of my life to business and leadership development on the five continents.

My purpose is to inspire, support and challenge leaders and leadership teams to produce outstanding results and create sustainable organizations that respond to the challenges of our times and create an engaging future! 

I act as a sparring partner, bring a fresh perspective, latest insights and solid pragmatism to C-suite and future leaders.

Together with a network of trusted peers, we co-design and execute truly bespoke solutions to help leaders and teams unleash their full potential.


How Do We Add Value to Your Business?

Top Team Cohesion - Leadership Alignment - Executive & Leadership Development

Top Team Cohesion

Teams (traditional, virtual, project-based, tribes, squads) are the essential linchpins of an organization’s success. Yet, there are very few credible options when it comes to support top teams in their development. This requires business credibility, leadership experience, expertise with individual coaching and top team dynamics. And relevant accreditations to guarantee a smooth journey.

We propose various solutions to optimize team effectiveness e.g.: Team Performance AuditTeam Performance Development Journey, with the purpose to help the team behave as one team towards its stakeholders (vertical effectiveness) and develop the necessary collaborative attitudes (horizontal or internal efficiency).

Leadership Alignment

We provide support and advice in defining the Leadership Framework  that your organization will need to align its leaders with its vision and its strategy. What roles will your leaders, your managers, your individual contributors need to play? What behaviors will they have to champion to play their role effectively? Based on your (existing or redefined) leadership model, we assist you with Executive Assessment Projects combining competency-based interviews, science-based psychometrics and/or 360 feedback.

Executive Development

At the top of the house, we propose Executive and Group Coaching (accredited coaches) focusing on a specific agenda like:

purpose-led leadership,

leadership transition,

organizational engagement & culture

transformational vs transactional leadership,

career management and transition,


and Executive Retreats, away from the hustle and bustle of business constraints. 

Leadership Development 

For (future) leaders and managers, we propose Career Coaching & Blended Leadership Development Programs.

Some of the topics we propose include: 

Developing Personal Awareness
The ability to understand self, capitalize on your strengths and optimize your interactions with others by better understanding them. 

Engaging People 
Your ability to identify people’s key motivational drivers and to take them into account to create an engaging work environment where people feel encouraged to give the best of themselves.

Communicating with Impact
Your ability to ‘sell’ your ideas and plans with conviction, to ask relevant questions, to listen actively and to develop an effective communication strategy with you key stakeholders, using the right methods and channel of communication.

Leading Teams to Results
Your ability to drive performance – taking individual and team dynamics into account - by setting clear targets, holding regular, structured review meetings, and taking adequate measures to boost performance when necessary.

Building Bridges Across Boundaries
Your ability to identify your key stakeholders and to manage their expectations, to foster collaborative habits beyond boundaries, and to ‘brand’ your teamwork.

Dealing With Challenging Situations
Your ability to keep good spirits and instill enthusiasm in difficult times, to tackle performance or behavioral issues timely and effectively, and to deal adequately with conflict.

Fostering a Coaching Culture
Your ability to foster a coaching culture within your team, department, organisation. Encouraging people to learn by doing and share their successes and failures with the purpose of accelerating development. 

Managing Transitions
Your ability to inspire with a compelling vision, to respond to individual and team needs in changing times, and to implement effective strategies to transform your business. 

Negotiating Effectively 

Your ability to secure and retain deals at an acceptable return whilst relations are developed and improved.

We also propose engaging Keynote Speeches to engage the whole organization, as a stand alone event or as part of a whole development journey. 


Who Am I? Who Are We? 

Senior Leadership & Business Advisor | Executive & Top Team Coach | EMCC Accredited | Management Consultant | Facilitator | Keynote Speaker | Author | Global Firms & Growing Startups | International Projects

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My Profile
I am an executive advisor with more than 35 years of experience in business and leadership development on the five continents. I am the former Director of Korn Ferry Advisory Belgium/Luxembourg and have extensive experience with companies such as the CCL, LS&Co, Krauthammer, Mercuri Urval, EY, AMA/MCE, and many more. I have led projects & workshops with thousands of executives across the globe from Fortune 500 boards as well as SMEs. I am certified in various formats and programs.
As a Senior Practitioner in Coaching (EMCC Accreditation) and with a vast experience in Top Team effectiveness, I am uniquely positioned to facilitate Top Team alignment sessions in conjunction with individual Coaching.
I am culturally sensitive, have worked on five continents, use English and French in my interventions, and have knowledge of Spanish and Dutch.
I speak from experience. I am known for my insights, pragmatism, energy, and authenticity. I have led, been led, advised leaders and faced transformational challenges both professionally as personally.

Certifications & Accreditations
DISC, MBTI I & II, CCL Assessments, CCL Change Style Indicator, FIRO-B, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, 360° Voices, Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, Hogan, viaEdge (learning agility), Hay McBer Leadership Styles & Org. Culture, Korn Ferry Executive To Leader Institute (ELI), Korn Ferry CEO succession practice, KSA TalenTelligent, Mercuri Urval Personality Inventory, Mercuri Urval Leadership Assessment, Strategic Selling,, Accredited Senior Practioner Coach EMCC, IDI Intercultural Development Inventory.

Global Network
Over my career of 35+ years, I have built a strong network of trusted, co-opted, seasoned, agile, passionate leadership and business experts with a growth mindset, and a proven track record in different relevant disciplines. I also work closely with organizations such as Acteo Consulting, BetterUp, EMCC Global, Edstutia, Ernst & Young, ICQ Global, Mercuri Urval, People Smart, Summit Leadership, TalentTelligent or The Personal Business Plan.

Ocean Rocks

My Commitment

Credibility, Reliability, Customer Intimacy, Your Brand First


We are a global network of co-opted, seasoned, agile, passionate leadership experts with a growth mindset, a proven track record in different relevant disciplines and the relevant accreditations.


We commit and deliver in an agile way. We have solid references. 


We work in close symbiosis with your organization, on-site and remotely, in the co-design and implementation phases. 


We combine our business & leadership expertise with yours, we bring your brand forward! 

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Recent Projects


The MD of a major Global Industrial group, one of the key executives of the global association (Geneva), with the next CEO of a major airline in the Middle East, with the COO of one of the major global aerospace companies, with the CEO of a global FMCG company, with the MP of an Investment Fund, with the GM of a German investment bank, an Operational leader transitioning from a global IT firm to a mid-cap, support coaching for an entrepreneur after bankruptcy, a Global Asset Manager in an Investment Fund, a COO in transition, a CFO in a global FMCG company, career coaching for a major European institution, a CFO in a major UAE based firm.


C-level in real estate, Senior Executive in a Belgian bank, top management of LifeSciences company, top management of a Danish industrial group, a leadership team in a Turkish company, CEO and Top Team members in a major public broadcasting company.


Alignment of the European Leadership Team of a major Japanese industrial group, post-lockdown integration of the Executive Management Team of a major asset management and private banking institution, global teams on major project in clinical phase with cross-company collaboration involved (partnership), Executive Team in a global knowledge firm (Dach branch), Operations team in an Italian financial institution. 


Strategic Account Executive leadership program (global program for global industrial player) in Europe, Asia, US and Latin America, High-Po development for major FMCG company in Europe, Middle East and China, LD of executives in a major French bank, High Potential development in a Consulting firm, on-line webinar for a major industrial group across four continents, webinars on the themes of resilience and remote motivation at a European institution, e-conference on leadership in times of crisis for a financial company, webinars on the themes of performance management and on-boarding for a financial group, leadership and strategic workshops with the Top team of a fast growing French/German mid-size company, complete leadership programs for all potential successors to the c-level in global company including webinars and on-line coaching, similar project for all leaders and staff of a recently listed company in the Nasdaq, webinars series on career management for a major European institution, career development in a major European Institution, Leadership Curriculum in French Business School, online speech on leadership topic for a UAE based airline. 


A change project with the Executive Team of a Swiss Industrial group, the transformation of a business model in a Global FMCG group, change of a service industry after M&A, transformation of the business model of a growing international startup led by its founder to a more mature model with full Exco.

References available, under the condition of confidentiality.



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Leadership, The Power to Transform Lives (Feb 2020) 


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“Olivier Courtois together with a peer performed a development initiative with the European Management team of our company. (...) The program included individual and team sessions. During the team sessions, they succeeded to bridge cultural differences between us and found some creative ways to enhance teamwork and better understanding of each other. Individually all participants received feedback sessions, which wereperceived very positively.  Next time, we will definitively again choose them as partners for such a development project, as we consider them as seasoned, mature trainers and coaches for a very international and diverse group.”

CHRO of a Global Industrial Group

"I was coached by Olivier to consolidate my position as COO and prepare for potential new career steps. We worked closely with the CEO and the CHROD and other key stakeholders. The whole journey was a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what has made my success so far, but also on my potential derailers. Olivier has been able to inspire me or challenge me when needed to help me become a better version of myself. He was able to understand and decode our organizational culture, my own business principles and my personal values guided by my religion. It was a particularly useful exercise especially in the transformation context that our company is going through. ”

COO of major national airline.

"I benefitted from an accelerated coaching program offered by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce to entrepreneurs. The program included coaching offered by EMCC volunteers.  I can say that it helped me a lot to clarify my beliefs and to work on my high values.  Olivier is an expert who knows how to put himself in your shoes! I was very impressed by how quickly he was able to figure me out!  The questions asked during the coaching were confronting and made me grow! Olivier is caring, he is an active listener and knows how to move you forward. In short, he is a coach like I have rarely met: powerful and humble.  I would recommend Olivier without hesitation to anyone who needs a co-pilot to get to your destination."

Testimonial from a female entrepreneur - Social worker.

"Whilst transitioning from the role of COO of Retail to the Group CEO role I had the opportunity to be coached by Olivier over a 12-month period. What I really appreciated with Olivier is his understanding of the challenges I faced in making this transition, working with me to appreciate and explore how to best understand and build a plan for a successful transition.  I would definitely recommend Olivier; he is an experienced and seasoned professional who is passionate about helping people reach their potential.”

Group CEO of a major UK retail chain.

"In the context of the growth of our group, I had the opportunity to be coached by Olivier over a 12-month period. Olivier also facilitated work sessions with my management team around our organizational model.  In that context, he provided 360 feedback to all of us.  I particularly appreciated Olivier’s insights and his capacity to help me bring things into perspective and see them from a different angle.  He created a safe environment for me to open up and to develop my self-awareness. He also managed to have me translate my reflections into action steps and keep me accountable for them.  I would definitely recommend Olivier as a coach for his experience, insights and the trust environment he creates."

Managing Partner of a Private Equity firm.


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