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Welcome! Who Am I? 


👉 an Entrepreneur ( I created two businesses, I know what it is to start from scratch and operate with one's own money).
👉 a Leader (I was Director of Korn Ferry Advisory Belgium Luxembourg. I led a growth of 40% in 4 years, after an acquisition, forecasting and reporting quarterly to the US HQ).

👉 a Corporate Citizen (I worked for more than 10 years in US firms). I have learned to navigate and participate in change programs globally.
👉 a Trainer in Management & Negotiation (at Krauthammer International - I have learned the fundamentals of personal transformation for better performance).
👉 a Senior Facilitator (Own business, CCL, MCE, EY, CEO Succession Practice at Korn Ferry) on 5 continents (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North & South America) - I have acquired many tools and certifications in leadership, team effectiveness, personal development, stakeholder management, change. And a global perspective.
👉 a Keynote Speaker (I spoke in front of groups of up to 1,000 people or in webinars) - I have learned the techniques and attributes of engaging communication.
👉 an Executive & Top Team Coach (with more than 1,000 hours of coaching - I am EMCC accredited as a Senior Practitioner and work on becoming a Master Practitioner) - I have practiced the key behaviors of Executive Coaching and comply with the EMCC Code of Conduct. I have experience in working with the C-suite as much as with Senior Leaders and HiPos. I have a Supervisor.

👉 I am a volunteer coach in the Virtual Entrepreneurship Program - P.W.N Global (

👋 Today I do this as a Director in charge of International Advisory Business at Mercuri Urval. You can contact me for any Leadership Advisory projects or discussion at


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My Expertise



I provide support and guidance in defining the Leadership Model that your organization will need to activate its vision and its strategy. What roles will your leaders, your managers, your individual contributors need to play? What practices will they have to champion to play their role effectively? I work with the most advanced models on the market like Korn Ferry or TeamTelligent, the latest model developed by Eichinger, Pearsman & Lombardo.


Based on your (existing or redefined) leadership model, I assist you with individual or large-scale assessment projects for selection, succession or development purposes, combining competency-based interviews, science-based psychometrics and/or 360 feedback.



At the top of the house I propose Executive Coaching services with a focus on a specific agenda like transformation, career evolution, crisis management, board interactions.


Retreats away from the hustle and bustle of business constraints. To reveiw your leadership and align your deep inner values with your leadership practices. 

For high potentials and new leaders, I propose career coaching, future executive programs, leadership seminars/webinars, and engaging keynote speeches. To transform behaviors and practices leveraging beliefs, values and providing concrete tools for optimized and sustainable performance.


Teams (traditional, virtual, project-based, tribes, squads) are the essential linchpins of an organization’s success. I use a thorough team Performance Audit.


I guide teams through a reflection process regarding the way they lead and impact their stakeholders. Teams work on the roles they should play in priority and on leadership behaviors they will need to demonstrate to activate those roles. 


I support teams in reinforcing their cohesion in order to speak in one voice and act as one person. We work on the key criteria of effective teams and leverage the collective intelligence to consolidate team spirit and team work. We clarify mutual expectations. 


After a period of working remotely and working from home, how do you reset your team to get them back on track and re-engaged in the new normal? Together we redefine the team's cohesion and impact and establish a clear roadmap. 


My Certifications

DISC, MBTI I & II,  CCL Assessments, CCL Change Style Indicator, FIRO-B, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, 360° Voices, Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, Hogan, viaEdge (learning agility), Hay McBer Leadership Styles, Korn Ferry Executive To Leader Institute (ELI), Korn Ferry CEO succession practice, KSA TeamTelligent, Mercuri Urval Personality Inventory, Mercuri Urval Leadership Assessment, Strategic Selling,, Accredited Senior Practioner Coach EMCC.

Businessmen with Umbrellas

My Personal References

References & sample of recent projects

Executive Coaching

The MD of a major Global Industrial group, one of the key executives of the global association (Geneva), with the next CEO of a major airline in the Middle East, with the COO of one of the major global aerospace companies, with the CEO of a global FMCG company, with the MP of an Investment Fund, with the GM of a German investment bank, an Operational leader transitioning from a global IT firm to a mid-cap, support coaching for an entrepreneur after bankruptcy, a Global Asset Manager in an Investment Fund, a COO in transition.

Executive assessments and 360°

C-level in real estate, Senior Executive in a Belgian bank, top management of LifeSciences company, top management of a Danish industrial group, a leadership team in a Turkish company.

Team coaching

Alignment of the European Leadership Team of a major Japanese industrial group, post-lockdown integration of the Executive Management Team of a major asset management and private banking institution.

Facilitation of LD programs

Strategic Account Executive leadership program (global program for global industrial player) in Europe, Asia, US and Latin America, High-Po development for major FMCG company in Europe, Middle East and China, LD of executives in a major French bank, High Potential development in a Consulting firm, on-line webinar for a major industrial group across four continents, webinars on the themes of resilience and remote motivation at a European institution, e-conference on leadership in times of crisis for a financial company, webinars on the themes of performance management and on-boarding for a financial group, leadership and strageic workshops with the Top team of a fast growing French/German mid-size company. 

Change projects 

A change project with the Executive Team of a Swiss Industrial group, the transformation of a business model in a Global FMCG group, change of a service industry after M&A.

References available, confidentiality permitting.

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Some testimonies

"I am the Research and Innovation director for a global business unit working for a chemical company.  I spent roughly 1 year being coached by Olivier in order to improve my management skills following a 360-feedback evaluation.

I would confirm that the meetings with Olivier proved to be most useful in developing my listening and management skills.

Certainly, my ability to tailor my management approach to fit both the individual profile and to fit the point at which the individual resides in their own career progression certainly has helped. "


" I am the Managing Partner of a Private Equity firm. In the context of the growth of our group, I had the opportunity to be coached by Olivier over a 12-month period. Olivier also facilitated work sessions with my management team around our organizational model.  In that context, he provided 360 feedback to all of us.

I particularly appreciated Olivier’s insights and his capacity to help me bring things into perspective and see them from a different angle.  He created a safe environment for me to open up and to develop my self-awareness. He also managed to have me translate my reflections into action steps and keep me accountable for them.

I would definitely recommend Olivier as a coach for his experience, insights and the trust environment he creates."


“I am the Group CEO of a major UK retail chain. Whilst transitioning from the role of COO of Retail to the Group CEO role I had the opportunity to be coached by Olivier over a 12-month period. What I really appreciated with Olivier is his understanding of the challenges I faced in making this transition, working with me to appreciate and explore how to best understand and build a plan for a successful transition.

I would definitely recommend Olivier; he is an experienced and seasoned professional who is passionate about helping people reach their potential.”


“I am the the COO of major national airline.

I was coached by Olivier in 2019 and 2020 to consolidate my position as COO and prepare for potential new career steps. We worked closely with the CEO and the CHROD and other key stakeholders. The whole journey was a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what has made my success so far, but also on my potential derailers. Olivier has been able to inspire me or challenge me when needed to help me become a better version of myself. He was able to understand and decode our organizational culture, my own business principles and my personal values guided by my religion. It was a particularly useful exercise especially in the transformation context that our company is going through”


 "I benefitted from accelerated coaching (9 hours in 6 sessions) as part of a program offered by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce to entrepreneurs. The program included coaching offered by EMCC volunteers.

I can say that it helped me a lot to clarify my beliefs and to work on my high values.

Olivier is an expert who knows how to put himself in your shoes! I was very impressed by how quickly he was able to figure me out!  The questions asked during the coaching are confronting and make me grow! Olivier is caring, is an active listener and knows how to move you forward. In short, he is a coach like I have rarely met: powerful and humble.

I would recommend Olivier without hesitation to anyone who needs a co-pilot to get to your destination ".

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Contact me!

Olivier S.E. Courtois -  Mercuri Urval
The Gradient, Avenue de Tervueren 270, 1150 Brussels - Belgium

+32 497 469 516

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