' In today's VUCA world, to make a successful business, you need money, technology, and people. Money is abundant. Technology is available everywhere. People, starting with leaders are in short supply. The good news is that leadership can be developed. It is an exciting, lifetime journey! 

Personal leadership at every level and in every role makes a huge difference in an organization's performance and value. Purpose-led, effective, courageous, authentic leadership emerges at the convergence of outside-in leadership, dictated by external requirements, and inside-out leadership, inspired by a deep purpose.

I bring 30+ years of experience to help executives, leaders, and teams run organizations effectively and ethically, using coaching, consulting, facilitating, and mentoring techniques. I help them pause, change perspective, reflect, and adjust their beliefs, behaviors, and practices to get the results they aspire to get and contribute to a sustainable world.‘


Olivier S.E. Courtois  

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When things get more complex, when events accelerate, it is essential - and somehow counterintuitive - to stop and think.

Coaching is not an esoteric science nor a new age practice. It helps individuals make a pause. When things get more complex, when events accelerate, it is essential - and somehow counterintuitive - to stop and think.


At that moment, a coach acts as a useful sounding board, a neutral change agent. A coach listens to you without any judgment, challenges you, advises you, supports you, gives you feedback, encourages or urges you to set new goals and helps you to track progress. He may also share his experience. Everything is possible but nothing is automatic. It is a deal between you, your sponsors, and the coach. 

Finding a coach is often a question of personal fit. Experience, certifications, word-of-mouth are good ways to evaluate the coach's professionalism. Common sense must prevail. Business experience, market knowledge, seniority are as important as grades or certifications.


Meet several coaches before making your decisions and trust your gut. I count up to 1,000 hours of coaching experience. I deal with strategic and operational leadership questions for more than 1,500 hours per year. This gives him me breadth and depth of experience. With clients in European and global organizations.


References available, confidentiality permitting.



" Aligning organizational behaviors with your transformation efforts requires top teams to be aligned horizontally and vertically! " 

We guide top teams to define the components of their team strategy, activate them and review them regularly.

Horizontally: how do we behave within the team? How do we hold each other accountable? 

Vertically: how do we behave with the staff and other stakeholders?  How do we foster by the example we set the behaviors we want to see develop in the organization? 

We have developed a solid process to design and execute your Top Team Plan.

A combination of thorough diagnostics, interviews, work sessions and reviews to enhance your team performance. We measure and discuss 11 factors that can make or break your top team effectiveness.


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan

Teams are the cornerstones of a high performance and engaging organizational culture. Starting with the Top Teams.
The Top Team's ability to set the right example consistently creates a positive shockwave inside the organization. It spreads good practice and contributes to the emergence of the expected culture (vertical impact).
This is why we are passionate about developing teams as much as individual leaders.


'I certainly recommend Olivier's work for anyone searching for a high-level business and team training in a global and diverse environment.' 

A Senior Executive in Latin America for a US Global group

Olivier has a long experience in public speaking and seminars. With groups of a few to a few dozens to several hundred. In one-hour, one-day, one-week, one-year formats. He has spoken in diverse settings, in-company or publicly, with multicultural or more local audiences. His style is engaging, authentic and collaborative. He speaks from experience about leadership and business themes.

Whether you need an inspiring speaker for your next event or a facilitator to create a productive dialogue, Olivier and his network will help you achieve your results.

Different formats available:

  • Speeches of 60 to 90 minutes to engage a large audience.

  • Short action-driven seminars or webinars of 60 to 90 minutes for a specific group.

  • Half-day action-driven seminars for a specific group.

  • A customized sequence of half-day sessions with time for application between sessions.

  • A customized, blended journey with in-residence and virtual sessions combined with webinars and coaching.



CEO Advisor | Author | Speaker | Executive Coach | Leadership Expert | Top Team Dynamics

1 - I am a multilingual, senior leadership development professional and leader with more than 30 years of experience in Leadership Transformation on the 5 continents with practical and theoretical background. 

2 - During my career as a consultant, entrepreneur, leader, business developer, executive coach, mentor and global facilitator, I have accumulated thousands of hours of coaching and facilitation practice in Europe and across the globe.

3 - I have worked with C-suite and their teams on assessment and development projects for several corporations including C.C.L. or Korn Ferry, where I was a Senior Partner and Director of Korn Ferry Advisory Belgium & Luxembourg. I was also part of the Global C-Suite Succession Practice where I assessed and coached C-level leaders in their personal transformation journey.

4 - A proven track record with references on request and 488 endorsements on LinkedIn.

5 - I am certified in ​DISC, MBTI I & II, CCL Assessments, CCL Change Style Indicator, FIRO-B, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, 360° Voices, Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, Hogan, viaEdge (learning agility), Hay McBer Leadership Styles, Korn Ferry Executive To Leader Institute (ELI), Korn Ferry CEO succession practice, KSA TeamTelligent, PersonalBusinessPlan.com. 

I am an active member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).



'Olivier is one of the most engaging people I have worked with. He has the capacity to relate to individuals and groups in an instant.'

'Olivier is an extremely insightful and professional leadership consultant with many years of high level experience.'

'Olivier is an energetic positive top consultant and trainer who walks the talk.'

'Olivier is a charismatic person, an outstanding communicator with a high sensibility to feel and anticipate the moves in the market'

'Olivier's performance was fantastic. First of all, because he himself has such a diverse cultural background and he can feel comfortable in any environment. Secondly, because he knows his subject so well and the course rises to a higher level. I can say, without a doubt, that this was one of the few worthwhile courses I have done and perhaps even the best.'

'Olivier is definitely at the cutting edge of global leadership consulting and I have no reservation of recommending him to anyone who want a real professional.'



Recent projects in executive and leadership development and assessment, and in change programs.



In-situ or on-line

  • The MD of a major Global Industrial group.

  • One key executives of the global association (Geneva). 

  • COO of one of the major global aerospace companies.

  • CEO of a global FMCG company.

  • MP of an Investment Fund.

  • GM of a German investment bank.

  • MD Group of countries in EMEA, coming from a VP FIN position in global HQ.

Business Meeting


Professional diagnostics and development plans

  • C-level in real estate.

  • Senior Executive in a Belgian bank.

  • Top management of LifeSciences company.

  • Top management of Danish industrial group.

Campaign Pitch



  • Strategic Account Executive leadership program (global program for global industrial player) in Europe, Asia, US and Latin America.

  • High-Po development for major FMCG company in Europe, Middle East and China.

  • Leadership development program for executives in a major global French bank.

  • High Potential development in a Consulting firm.



Consulting & Top Team Coaching

  • A change project with the Executive Team of a Swiss Industrial group.

  • The transformation of a business model in a Global FMCG group.

  • Change in a service company after M&A.

  • EMEA leadership team of Japanese global industrial group.



I place the person at the center, but I have a systemic approach

When it comes to tools and methodologies, I am not dogmatic, I am open source, and I use what suits the situation, and the leader or the organization. I use different models, tools, and methodologies.


I place the person at the center, but I have a systemic approach and carefully consider the interdependencies between the individual, and its context like organizational culture, role, org charts, strategy, stakeholders and markets.  I navigate from individuals to teams to systems and vice versa. ​​


Leadership development aims at accelerating the learning process along the 70/20/10 line: ​

-10% of learning comes from theory. It is, therefore, essential to focus on the relevant theory.

-20%, from meaningful conversations. Proper leadership development, needs to ensure those conversations are set up properly.

-70%, from practice. As we know, 10 years of experience sometimes means 1 year of experience repeated 10 times. Leadership development must guide towards the right experiences and help make the most sense of them. To accelerate experience rather than repeat it.


Leadership: The Power to Transform Lives

Our world will be radically different 10 years from now! How will you lead it? - 



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I work in English and French and also speak Spanish and Dutch. 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Olivier S.E. Courtois


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