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Olivier S.E. Courtois

Defeat Leadership Dysfunctions, Lead with Impact, Transform Your Career, Improve People's Lives

About Olivier 

Executive Advisor, Coach, Speaker, Author

Olivier Courtois is an executive advisor, certified coach, keynote speaker and author with more than 35 years of experience on 5 continents. He is the former Director of Korn Ferry Belgium/Luxembourg and has gathered vast experience with companies such as Center for Creative Leadership, Levi Strauss, Krauthammer, Franklin Covey, Management Centre Europe / American Management Association and many more. He has led workshops with thousands of executives across the globe from Fortune 500 boards as well as SMEs. Olivier is certified in various formats and programs.



Executive Coaching

With his extensive experience and accreditation as a Senior Practitioner with EMCC, Olivier helps leaders and aspiring leaders reach new peaks of performance. He has a track record of thousands of hours of coaching across the globe in various industries. 


Corporate Training

Olivier has over 30 years of experience working with groups ranging from high potentials to senior executives and top teams, updating their leadership practices at every transition in their career, to equip them to raise performance and lead transformations.


Public Speaking

Olivier is a dynamic speaker who captivates senior audiences with clear, engaging presentations on  enterprise leadership. He draws on his experience to deliver talks that are both inspiring and actionable, speaking with authenticity that resonates with leaders.

Executive Coaching

Olivier is an EMCC-accredited Senior Practitioner Coach ( with thousands of hours of coaching experience with leaders and teams.

He has coached senior and high-level executives, as well as teams in the private sector and public and governmental organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and America.

He has also provided probono coaching services to women entrepreneurs.

His unique style, recognized by his clients, produces paradigm and approach shifts that bring concrete and lasting results.

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Olivier is a highly professional and competent executive coach. He is a great listener who is genuinely interested in guiding his coachees to their ultimate purpose.
His coaching style is marked by a personalized approach fostered by a profound sense of trust.
In addition to our dynamic sessions, Olivier provided valuable resources and recommendations that enriched my learning journey and inspired further reflections. It helped me a lot navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.
I would strongly recommend Olivier to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities and/or achieve personal fulfillment.

Sabrina Bellout - CFO - Luxembourg

I was lucky enough to have Olivier as my coach for a year during a critical transition period in my professional career. While Olivier has all the technical skills needed to help people develop their potential, his empathy, active listening, and ability to provide precise and practical advice are invaluable assets.  Many of the ideas I discovered with Olivier are now pillars of my life, having encouraged me to think differently, explore different horizons and, above all, progress in my own intimate knowledge, my own development creating attractive new perspectives. In short, a catalyst for my own learning and development. 

Philippe Guérineau - CEO - CxO - Board Member - Barcelona

I was coached by Olivier. The whole journey was a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what has made my success so far, but also on my potential derailers. Olivier has been able to inspire me or challenge me when needed to help me become a better version of myself. He was able to understand and decode our organisational culture, my own business principles and my personal values guided by my religion.

Mohammed Al Bulooki  - COO Etihad Airways - Abu Dhabi

Corporate Training 

Olivier has designed and facilitated leadership training since 1993. His topics include leadership, communication, and negotiations. He has worked with ExCos, senior leaders, and high potentials in Fortune 500 and CAC40 companies, in startups and scale-ups, as well as in public and international organizations.

Olivier has extensive experience in the design, development and facilitation of seminars lasting from a few hours to a few days, or as part of long-term development programs.
He works with his network of co-opted professionals in Europe, the Middle East and worldwide, for small-scale, tailor-made programs. 
For larger-scale programs, Olivier works with partners such as Management Centre Europe (MCE-AMA), Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and Franklin Covey. He is associated with them as a facilitator and designer of programs aimed at executives, managers and high potentials.

I have had the opportunity to work with Olivier in the context of a Leadership program. Olivier is a charismatic person and an outstanding communicator with a high sensibility to feel and anticipate moves in the market. Olivier is an exception! He will make you see your "universe" from a new different angle, to make you grow.  - Vincent Allais - CEO - Paris

Vincent Allais - CEO - Paris

Olivier is definitely one of the very best trainers in his branch of business that I've come across with. Very inspiring, highly qualified - to my understanding, he convinced and inspired pretty much everyone in our very diversified group of people to be facilitated. 

Ville Karkianen  - VP HR - Helsinki

Olivier's performance was fantastic. First of all, because he himself has such a diverse cultural background and he can feel comfortable in any environment. Secondly, because he knows his subject so well and the course rises to a higher level. I can say, without a doubt, that this was one of the few worthwhile courses I have done and perhaps even the best. I have kept in touch with Olivier and he also helped me organize a Team Building course for my team. I certainly recommend Olivier's work for anyone searching for a high-level business and team training in a global and diverse environment.

John McNeill Ingham - Regional Product Director - Sao Paulo

Public Speaking

A skilled leadership keynote speaker, Olivier inspires audiences to develop their 'savoir être ' and their 'savoir faire' in an authentic way!  

If you want your group to be inspired and challenged to engage leadership development in new and authentic ways, then Olivier will be a great fit as your next leadership keynote speaker. 

Olivier ’s sessions are deep, thoughtful, inspiring and provoke the audience to reflect, to gain insight and to take action. He uses stories, research, leadership models, and interactive learning to drive home crucial leadership lessons and practice.


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Combining expertise with agile networking

Olivier offers leadership development services at both the " savoir être " (being) and "savoir-faire" (doing) levels. He analyzes the customer's problem from a systemic point of view, designs customized solutions, and then implements the program through individual or group dynamics. He works with trusted peers or in partnership with global players for projects of greater size or complexity.

Certifications & Accreditations


- Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach - EMCC
- CCL: 360 Assessments suite
- DISC/Insights
- ExperienceChange™ simulation
- Franklin Covey 7 Habits - 4 Disciplines of Execution - 5 Choices
- Hogan
- IPIP-Neo - The Big 5
- Korn Ferry Leadership Architect - 360° Voices - Korn Ferry Assessment Leadership Potential - GPI - ViaEdge (learning agility) - Hay McBer Leaderships Styles - Korn Ferry Executive to Leader Institute (ELI) - Korn Ferry CEO Succession Practice -
- Leaders Network Diagnostics - LND Certfied Trainer (Adeption)
- MHS: Change Style Indicator (CSI) - Change Navigator (CN) - Influence Styles Indicator (ISI)
- TalentTelligent Competency Framework (Eichinger & Pearsman)

Olivier has excellent track records in strategy execution, executive and leadership assessment and development, and career management. He serves his loyal clients directly and works closely with other professionals who specialize in their own field (strategy, innovation, transformation) and who appreciate working with Olivier for his professionalism, reliability, no-nonsense approach and creative mindset. He is also actively involved in the leadership development programs of leading global organizations.

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Client Engagements Across the Globe 


Alpega, Abbott EPD, Abbvie KSA, Allianz Partners, Amgen, Bayer, Candriam (New York Life), Centre de traduction des organes de l'Union européenne (CdT), CRIF Deutschland, Edmond de Rothschild, Enhesa, Ergon Partners, Etihad Airways, Executive Insights Healthcare Consultants, EU Commission, Henkel, iTeos Therapeutics, GEB Generali, Harman, Iveco, JamJoom, Ma'aden, Marafik, Mc Bride, Quintet Private Banking, Perrigo, Rhea, Rockwool, RTBF, Sartorius, Sales & Lentz, Schneider Electric, Société Générale, Satorp (Saudi Aramco/Total Energies), Syngenta, Thalès, Umicore, Veolia.


Partnerships ​


EMCC Global, Ernst & Young, Franklin Covey, Management Centre Europe (AMA/MCE), Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Mercuri Urval, People Smart, Summit Leadership, TalentTelligent, The Personal Business Plan, The Resilience Institute.

 I had the opportunity to work with Olivier during my career, and he's a truly inspirational leader who inspires, coaches, and motivates people, whatever their background, culture, profile, or industry. He has this unique capability to bring people together in a very genuine way. His empathy to understand the business from a 360-degree approach adds value to any company or/people. I enjoyed working with Olivier and would do it again. If your company is looking to raise the bar, he is the one who can help and bring significant and rational results!"  

Bernard Didier - CCO - Brussels

Olivier is an extremely insightful and professional leadership consultant with many years of high level experience. Having closely worked with him I have seen his genuine and strategic approach to this most important aspect business management. He is definitely at the cutting edge of global leadership consulting and I have no reservation of recommending him to anyone who want a real professional.

                                                                                                                                          Vitaly Gayman MBA - Oregon (USA)

Olivier is an energetic positive top consultant and trainer who walks the talk. I have seen Olivier rise up to challenging occasions such as the 2008 financial crisis and dealing with family health issues, in the junctions of taking real tough decision, Olivier braved the difficulties with a smile, faith and lots of hard work while keeping his integrity and loyalty where others could be tempted not to. When you engage Olivier, you get a person who is a role model of what he teaches.                                                                         

                                                                                                                     Avi Z Liran - Chief Delighting Officer - Singapore

Throughout my career at Korn Ferry I had the chance to meet and learn from remarkable individuals. A few people have had a singular impact on me as a person and as a professional. Olivier is one of my top 5 and a constant source of inspiration. Combining personal qualities that are often difficult to reconcile, Olivier knows how to create an environment where it suddenly seems easy to take risks and give the best of yourself. His energy is communicative and helps his partners to move mountains. His stimulating intellectual curiosity and humour are accompanied by the utmost seriousness and persistence in execution. Thank you Olivier!

                                                                                              Etienne Capelle - CEO & Executive Development - Korn Ferry



If you're a hammer, all problems look like nails!

In over 35 years of experience, Olivier has developed a multidimensional and creative approach to his customers' needs. If you're a hammer, all problems look like nails! Not so with Olivier. He's versatile and pragmatic. He keeps a systemic vision of the situation, uses what's suitable for the situation, and produces the best results. No dogma, no preconceived ideas. 

"Coaching, training, facilitation, speaking or consulting are all practices that have their own code of ethics, their own practices, and even their own dogmas. Yet nothing beats a pragmatic approach. I like to take what works and brings results. The key is to adopt a conscious posture when taking it. Depending on the contract signed with the customer, it's important to have a free hand to deliver maximum value." - Olivier 

 Olivier's Blog 



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